Mesaj dari isteri Syauqey

Saya dan keluarga menyucapkan (mengucapkan) berbanyak terima kasih di atas sumbangan yg diberikan.

Setiap yg disumbangkan untuk membantu orang yang dizalimi itu ganjarannya amat besar disisi Tuhan. Hanya Tuhan shj yg mampu membalas segala jasabaik semua. Saya amat terharu dgn usaha semua.

Terima kasih banyak. Semoga kalian semua dimurahkan rezeki oleh Yang Maha Kuasa.

Salwati Mohd Ariffin
isteri Syauqey

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波波 说...


A silent revolution is happening when "keyboard warriors" turn "keyboard donors" to put money where their mouth is.

Some RM 14,500 has been donated by some 260 people within some 50 hours for Ahmad Syauqey Abdul Ghani, a father of three who got 1-year imprisonment for questioning the identity of the police who stopped him at an unusual road block. That's average RM 55 per donor. Most of the donors never met Syauqey and didn't even know about his existence just three days ago.

Less than a month ago, RM 26,000 was raised for the 16 anti-ISA protesters who were fined RM 2000 by a Chinese-medium writer on parenting - Koh Wee Sun and her wonderful friends.

That's "National Unity/1Malaysia" ala "internet mobs" to you - Jail one, and you turn 10,000 against you! Language is not a barrier because action speaks louder than words.

Netizens are often dismissed as "keyboard warriors" when they engage in public affairs for they can hide behind their cyber identity and most of all, they can do nothing off-line. To make changes, you have got to put money where your mouth is, sometimes literally. For there is no such thing as free lunch. You cant ask people to stand up against injustice and tyranny if they and their family have to face the consequences alone.

Let's give a standing ovation to two ordinary Malaysians, Pow Kiew An and his wife Tan Sook Boon, who take the trouble to coordinate this Operation Save Citizen Syauqey. Money from "Donate to Free Syauqey" would be transferred today to Syauqey's wife Salwati today while full details of donation would be out in the days to come.

All these happened just within nine months after BERSIH 2.0, when tens of thousands networked through Facebook and Twitter to went to the streets, defying police violence and threat of ethnic riots.

If there is another Syauqey, you bet there will be new Wee Sun and Kiew An-Sook Boon standing up.

The brave Malaysia 2.0 - where love, fraternity and hope - not hatred, prejudice and fear - reign - is here to stay!

波波 说...


二)在約50小時的籌款時間中共籌得RM 14,500(但是仍然有小額匯款繼續進來,一些承諾了還未付款的數目仍未結算好)


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波波 说...


这是我个人的呼吁。。。一万块可以做什么? 对我而言,我可以买一部不错的越野单车。 可是对绍齐的家人来说,金钱换不回他们丈夫,爸爸的自由。



Officially 我身为收款人应当在这个时候喊停,但是,我也尊重公众的权利,如果大家觉得可以再出力的,去做吧!



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波波 说...

今天,包包會先把一部份捐款開支票給紹齊之妻(因為還有人進款,還不知道總額到底是多少),人权律师Fadiah Nadwa Fikri 會做見證。


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啤酒花™_J 说...

表酱子,至少有人鸟,嫌3嫌4 - 没有时才知道!哼

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